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The problem of intelligence - of the nature of it, of how the brain generates it and how it could be replicated in machines - is one of the greatest problems in science today, and arguably the most important one.

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Prof. Seth Teller, MIT I^2 Investigator, dies at age 50 [MIT News]

We are very sad to announce that Prof. Seth Teller died on July 1, 2014. He wil be greatly missed.


Computational (Psycho)linguistics Reading Group

Announcing  a new reading group focused on mathematical and computational models of language representation, learning, and processing. Topics will be organized into modules and based on the research interests of attendees.

NSF has awarded the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines with a Science and Technology Center grant

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Course 9.S912: Vision and learning - computers and brains Fall 2013

Class Times: Friday 11:00-2:00pm
Units: 3-0-9
Location: 46-3189
Instructors: Shimon Ullman and Tomaso Poggio (TA Ethan Meyers)
Office Hours: TBA
Email Contact:
Previous Class: FALL 2012

New collaboration: "The VerbCorner Project"

MIT Intelligence Initiative Fellow Tim O'Donnell is part of a new collabroative project, "The VerbCorner Project," hosted by (host of a number of large-scale Web-based research projects.)

Collaborators: Timothy O'Donnell (MIT), Joshua Hartshorne (MIT), Martha Palmer (CU-Boulder), Daniel Peterson (CU-Boulder). MIT undergratuate student Gabriel Frattallone provided the website design. 

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