MIT Intelligence Initiative (I²) Workshop

Date and Time Jan. 13, 2012, 9 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
LocationAmerican Academy of Arts and Sciences, Norton Woods Conference Center
HostTomaso Poggio

An all day workshop to be held at the American Academy of Arts and Science, Norton Woods Conference Center.

By invitation only.

Location: American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Norton Woods Conference Center
136 Irving Street Cambridge, MA 02138-1996
(617) 576-5000

Click Here for directions.

There will be reserved parking spaces available along Beacon Street on a first come first serve basis. Be sure to pick up the parking pass from AAAS upon arrival.

Agenda for I2 Workshop
January 13, 2012

08:30am-9:00am Breakfast

09:00am-9:30am Introduction: Tomaso Poggio, Josh Tenenbaum

09:30am-10:00am   Language, perception and intelligence; and the development of intelligence in minds, brains and machines
[Presentation less than 10mins. each]:

"Language research: Connecting Computer Science, Psychology and Linguistics"
Team leader: Ted Gibson
Group members: Regina Barzilay (CSAIL), Irene Heim (LingPhil) and Tim O'Donnell (BCS)
Presenter: Tim O'Donnell

"Learning Causal Action Selection via Motor Babble and Observation"
Team Leaders: Seth Teller (EECS, CSAIL), Tommi Jaakkola (EECS, CSAIL) and Josh Tenenbaum (BCS)
Talk: "Interpretation of Grounded Natural Language"
Presenter: Stefanie Tellex

10:00am-10:40am Bridging robotics and neuroscience
[Presentation less than 10mins. each]:

"Life-long Mapping"
Team Leaders: Matt Wilson (BCS) and John Leonard (MechE, CSAIL)
Group Members: Hordur Johannsson (EECS)
Presenters: Matt Wilson, Matthew Walter

"Symbolic Ideation in Motor Planning"
Team leaders: Seth Teller (EECS, CSAIL) and Matt Wilson (BCS)
Group Members: Matthew Walter
Talk: "Persistent Visual Memories for Object Manipulation"
Presenters: Matt Wilson, Matthew Walter

"Vision for the Birds"
Team Leaders: Russ Tedrake (EECS) and Bill Freeman (EECS)
Group Members: Michael Fee (BCS) and Andrew Biewener (Harvard U., Bio)
Presenter: Anirudha Majumdar

"High-Throughput In Vivo Causal Assessment of Neural Circuits of Intelligence"
Team leader: Ed Boyden (MediaLab, BCS, BioEng)
Group Members: Clifton Fonstad (EECS) and Tomaso Poggio (BCS, CSAIL)
Presenter: Ed Boyden

11:00am-11:30am Coffee

11:30am-12:30noon Social and collective intelligence
[Presentation less than 10mins. each]:

"Agent-Based Models of Social Intelligence Based on Behavioral Heuristics Informed by
Cognitive Neurosciences"; Team leader: Andrew Lo
Group Members: Tomaso Poggio (BCS, CSAIL), Joshua Tenenbaum (BCS) and Rebecca Saxe (BCS)
Presenter: TBD

"When are groups more intelligent than individuals?"
Team leader: Asu Ozdaglar (EECS, LIDS)
Group Member: Sandy Pentland (MAS)
Presenter: TBD

"Combining human and machine predictions using 'boosting' algorithms"
Team leaders: Tom Malone (Sloan, CCI), Cynthia Rudin (Sloan) and Patrick Winston (EECS, CSAIL);
Group Member: Haym Hirsh (Rutgers U., CS/ visiting Sloan - CCI)
Presenter: Seyda Ertekin

"Application of Bayesian truth serum to forecasting, and collaborative discussion"
Team Leader: Drazen Prelec (Sloan, Econ, BCS)
Team Member: H. Sebastian Seung (BCS, Physics)
Presenter: Derek Dunfield

12:30pm-02:00pm Lunch

02:00pm- New Seed Grant Presentations (tentative)


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