Course 9.S912: Vision and learning - computers and brains Fall 2013

Aug 01, 2013

Class Times: Friday 11:00-2:00pm
Units: 3-0-9
Location: 46-3189
Instructors: Shimon Ullman and Tomaso Poggio (TA Ethan Meyers)
Office Hours: TBA
Email Contact:
Previous Class: FALL 2012

Course description

We will review and discuss research on the problem of learning to understand the world and interact with it using sensory information. We will use vision as the main domain, and review relevant learning approaches from both computational and biological perspectives. Topics will include learning in computational vision, recent advances and limitations, face processing by computers and brain, learning in synapses, reinforcement leaning and Markov decision process in computers and brains.



The course is open to all graduate students; undergraduates can take the course with instructor permission.



Grading will be based on participation and a final project.




Class 01 Fri 06 Sep   Shimon Ullman
Class 02 Fri 13 Sep   Tomaso Poggio
  Fri 20 Sep No Class  
Class 03 Fri 27 Sep   Larry Abbot
Class 04 Fri 04 Oct   Haim Sompolinsky
Class 05 Fri 11 Oct   Mike Jones
Class 06 Fri 18 Oct   Shihab Sharma
Class 07 Fri 25 Oct   Yann LeCunn
Class 08 Fri 01 Nov   Yael Niv
Class 09 Fri 8 Nov   Andrew Barto
Class 10 Fri 15 Nov   Winrich Freiwald, Charles Cadeu, Elias Issa
Class 11 Fri 22 Nov   Abdel-rahman Mohamed
  Fri 29 Nov No Class  
Class 12 Fri 6 Dec   Shimon Ullman - Tomaso Poggio


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